Data Diode

The purpose of a Data Diode is to secure information by allowing data to travel in only one direction. The Data Diode transfers data between two networks with the highest protection possible. It is physically impossible for data to be transferred in the other direction since the fiber optical connection only allows one-way communication.

Here is an Introduction to Data Diodes that gives many answers, please download it here

The advantages of Fibersystem’s Data Diode

The advantages by using Data Diode is the ability to galvanically separate between information security zones. It also gives the possibility to handle multiple levels of security zones. Due to the use of fiber optics the data transfer speed keeps to the highest possible making Data Diode the preferred solution for real-time applications. It can also be used in any ethernet application using fiber or copper connectivity.

– No physical risk of sending data in wrong or false direction
– Sending video streams from sensitive video equipment / cameras
– Time synchronization in secure networks
– Sending/receiving alerts or alarms
– Ethernet based, UDP support (Syslog, NTP, SNMP traps)

Data Diode – how it works

In practice a Data Diode is a component that disables the flow of data in the “wrong” direction, giving just a flow in the desired direction. In electronics a diode is a rectifier that rectifies alternating current to direct current. A Data Diode does the same – except that it goes for Data. Hence the concept of Data Diode.

In the most simple example by just cutting one of the copper-leaders in copper-cable would make a Data Diode. But still the cables are inside the same plug and using the same ground lead and thereby not galvanically separated. The risk of leakage is present.

By using fiber optics the leakage can be eliminated and that is why the concept of Data Diodes implies the use of fiber optics.

Network separation

Network separation is probably one of the most common uses of data diodes and it is also the most straight-forward example. Consider two different information security zones with different levels of security. Assume one zone handles only Open information and the other handles up to Secret information.

The Open system could be a data collection service; it doesn’t contain any information which isn’t available to the public. The data itself can however be correlated either with itself or with other sets of data, and the correlation is deemed to be classified as Secret. In other words, the data in Open can, and indeed should, be sent to Secret, but no data in Secret must reach Open.

To solve this, a data diode can be placed on the data link between the two information security zones.

From military network to worldwide companies

Historically speaking, unidirectional networks have been used by almost exclusively Defense and Defense connected companies with military network. Todays need however, has led to it being used by almost all security aware industries. The constantly increasing number of cyber threats affects companies all over the globe, invoking the need of reliable data diode technology for a trustworthy network isolation. As a leader in data diodes for Tclassified networks, Fibersystem has the solution.

Extra advantages of Rack Modules Secure (60-00-7303, 60-00-7304)

  • Tamper proof enclosure
  • Riveted and sealed enclosure by default for assurance
  • EMC and back channel protected in hardware design
  • No crosstalk
  • Multiple unidirectional barriers.
  • The Rack Modules can be integrated in your existing solution/ product


  • Rack Module Secure and Rack Module
  • Integrated
  • Rugged (see seperate Datasheet Data Diodes Rugged)
  • Tempest Level A, EMSEC, RÖS U1 (see seperate Datasheet Data Diodes Rugged)
  • 100 Mbit/s or 1000 Mbit/s
  • Fiber Optical or Copper interface

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Accessories for Rack Module

  • Fibersystem 19 inch Rack System
  • Fibersystem Single Slot Unit

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