On a daily basis, critical societal functions are exposed to eavesdropping,  intrusion and espionage. That’s why we’re here. For 40 years, we have developed products and secured systems for defence, companies and organizations where maximum security is a minimum. We are specialists in secure transmission of information and in modifying computers, screens, conference equipment and other hardware to block out all forms of revealing signals.

The result is cyber security at the highest level.

News! Rugged Laptop TEMPEST Level A and RÖS U1


Defence and Security

When information is to be transferred, created or stored with the highest security and the most demanding environments.
Pic: Data Diode Rugged

Industry and Substation

Communication for environments such as industrial, safety, or more demanding environment. We have a wide range of suitable products.
Pic: Fiber optic converter 21-216

Professional Audio Video

Extremely reliable long distance secure and interference free PRO Audio Video solutions such as HTBaseT and KVM products.
Pic: HDBaseT KVM 24”


High reliability products for real-time voice and video applications with leading endurance. We offer a wide range of products.
Pic: Fibersystem Rack System

Reference customers

ABB and Fibersystem
Alstom and Fibersystem
Bombardier and Fibersystem
Ericsson and Fibersystem
FMV and Fibersystem
FOI and Fibersystem
Försvarsmakten and Fibersystem
GE Power and Fibersystem
HBM and Fibersystem
Mitsubishi Electric and Fibersystem
Nokia Siemens and Fibersystem
Rolls-Royce and Fibersystem
SAAB and Fibersystem
Schneider Electric and Fibersystem
Siemens and Fibersystem
Stora Enso and Fibersystem
Svenska Kraftnät and Fibersystem
Swedish Armed Forces and Fibersystem
Toshiba and Fibersystem
Vattenfall and Fibersystem