Data Diode Bidirectional 1Gbit 2xDC

Fibersystem hardware designed Data Diode with Bidirectional communication. The two way Data Diode with separated send and receive nodes are completely isolated from each other.

Bidirectional transfer of data over fiber cable or copper cable between two networks with hardware separation to guarantee security.

Fiber or Copper interface can be chosen independantly for In and Out. No need for extra converter!

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The Fibersystem Data Diode Bidirectional gives the following advantages

  • Based on hardware, no extra software needed. This completely eliminates the risk for data flowing in false direction
  • Fiberoptical links for galvanic seperation between networks
  • Supports: Syslog, NTP Broadcast, SNMP traps
  • Supports: UDP (Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, Manycast)
  • For Queue Mgmt, Logging, Mail, FTP, SNMP and SDK. Additional software is needed.


  • Fiber/copper connectivity
  • 1 Gbit/s
  • Tempest Level A (NATO standard)/ EMSEC/ RÖS U1 against eavesdropping
  • 19” Rack unit, 1 HU
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Hot swap of Power Supplies
  • Physically secured , tampering protected enclosure against manipulation
  • No crosstalk
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Tested and accredited

Technichal Data

Galvanic/Electrical link

  • Data speed 1 Gbps

Fiber optic links

  • Data speed 1 Gbps
  • Wavelength 850 nm
  • Fiber optical connector LC
  • Fiber Multi mode 50/125um or 62.5/125um
  • Optical system budget 13dB in 62.5/um. 9dB in 50/125um fiber
    Typical distance 0 – 2km (3dB system margin for 50/125um and 6dB for 62.5/125um)


  • Temperature range -40 to + 70°C


  • Compliance EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4, EN55022
  • Safety EN 60950


2×24 VDC nom (9-36), 48 VDC nom (36-75)

Dimensions and Weight

  • Physical size 44 (H), 444 (W), 227 (D) mm
  • Weight 3 kg


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