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About Us

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Fibersystem AB is an innovative developer of fiber optic transmission equipment and IT security products. Fibersystem’s products are used in various industries and vertical markets globally, including infrastructure, utilities, health care, security and manufacturing.

The Story

Fibersystem is a leader in the design and development of fiber optic products mainly within data/media transportation and has a history of more than 30 years back in time working with solutions, using fiber optical technology. Our products can be found installed all over the world. We provide the market leading-edge technologies for improved fiber optical communication.

Fibersystem is an innovative organization, our business is established in many different markets. Our structure provides the resources of a very large organization, while preserving the innovative and entrepreneurial environment of a smaller company. Headquarters are in Stockholm, our products are sold by a sales force recognized throughout the industry for its expertise and customer service.

Fibersystem stay close to our customer and respond quickly to evolving needs. We advance our mission of providing leading-edge technology for fiberoptical solutions. Our reputation for fiberoptic development excellence is well known across diverse vertical markets. Our products are installed in military, medical‚ security‚ and industrial applications worldwide‚ such as hospitals‚ universities‚ government labs‚ and military bases‚ for large and small organizations alike.

Reference Customers

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Reference Customers
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Address: Fibersystem AB
Gårdsfogdevägen 18B
SE-168 67 Bromma

Phone:+46 (0)8 564 828 80
Fax: +46 (0)8 28 33 50

Fibersystems office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden
near Bromma airport (domestic).

Lat. N59° 21′ 27.95″ Long. E17° 57′ 13.26″

Latest News

Ergonomiska tillbehör till RÖS U1-klienter

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Fibersystem erbjuder nu Ergo Line –  ergonomiska tillbehör till RÖS U1-klienter. Mus Ergo PS/2 RÖS U1 JODAV-Device RÖS U1 Underarmstöd Ergo Tangentbord Ergo PS2 RÖS U1 Se datablad för beställning: FS17108-Datasheet-Ergo-Line-RÖS-U1

Soon to be released! Fiber Optical C37.94 over Synchronous Ethernet

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Description The 21-225 product has a new design of mechanical housing for half 19” rack mounting. The housing is standards compliant for power substation installation. It can be equipped with…

Cyberattacker de nya kärnvapnen – ”Kapprustningen har bara börjat”

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Världens länder har lagt ned kapprustningen om kärnvapen. Nu fokuserar de på cybervapen istället, och vi har bara sett toppen av isberget. Vi kan mycket väl vänta oss 60 år…

Fibersystem at ISE 2017

Fibersystem represented at ISE 2017

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The 14th edition of ISE, taking place at the RAI Amsterdam on 7-10 February 2017, is expected to attract more than 65,000 visitors to more than 1,100 exhibitors. For four…