Our Customers

Below you will find some of our customers from all over the world.


SAAB serves the global market with world-leading technical products, services and solutions from military defense to civil security. With operations in over 100 countries.

Fibersystems products, services and solutions are an important part of SAAB NAVAL/AIR and LAND areas.

ABB is a leading provider of power grid solutions and has been in the business for 100 years. For the last 30 years Fibersystem products have part of the ABB offering for power grids.

Fibersystem products are an important part of the secure communication links between substations.

GE delivers 1/3 of the world’s electricity and equips power utilities and industries worldwide to bring power reliably and efficiently to the end consumers.

Fibersystem products are used in power distribution, substation automation were reliability and security is crucial.

HBM, technology and market leader in measurement applications and handling data sources in extreme environments.

To route traffic between different sources they have chosen Fibersystem Fiber Optical Switches with remote switching to control their fiber optical communication.

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