Data Diode Middleware 1.0 (DDMW)

The Data Diode Middleware (DDMW) is a software solution for transferring data over data diodes in such a controlled manner. It consist of a sender node and a receiver node which communicate through a uni-directional ethernet Data Diode.

DDMW supports two kinds of transfer types; messages and streams. Messages are any type of data with a finite and predefined length, like files and command instructions. Streams are data which either do not have an end or which does not have a predetermined length, such as an audio or video stream.

DDMW 1.0 Features

  • Easy-to-use integration interface
  • Administrative role separation
  • Separate frontend/external and backend/internal systems
  • Full unidirectional system separation
  • Uncomplicated interface for SCADA application integrations
  • High-assurance separation of security domains
  • Separated role interfaces
  • Separated administrator role permissions
  • Hardware enforced unidirectionalness (With Fibersystem Data Diodes)
  • Transaction logs for traceability

DDMW 1.0 Functionality

  • Transfers are interleaved
  • Adjustable sender packet count, size and pace to allow environment specific optimizations
  • Optional side-channel ACK’s/NACK’s
  • Configurable redundancy
  • Heartbeat packets can be used to make sure link is up (and alert if heartbeats are missed)
  • Management interfaces to the sender and receiver nodes allow integration with monitoring systems.
  • Each transfer is hashed and verified on the receiver node
  • “Immediate mode” allows transfer of large messages to begin immediately rather than wait for the entire message to arrive at the sender node
  • Queue Management
  • Logging

DDMW 1.0 Applications

  • Folder Transfer
  • File Transfer
  • UDP Pass Through


While acknowledgements cannot be sent over the Data Diode, the DDMW sender has an interface for accepting ACK’s for messages it has sent. An organization can optionally use a side-channel of their own choosing to send ACK’s or NACK’s back from the receiver to the sender. This can be a fully automatic system or a manual system like an operator calling another operator and verbally communicating ACK or NACK together with a unique transfer identifier.

For more information, please see Datasheet

Technical Data

DMW SW and HW requirements

  • DDMW Sender/receiver node OS
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • RedHat 6&7
    • CentOS

DDMW HW (recommended)

  • Midrange XEON
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD disk or better PCI-E SSD

For more information, please see Datasheet



Questionnaire (pdf-form)

Fibersystem Data Diode Questionnaire FORM

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