Data Diode Middleware (DDMW)

The Data Diode Middleware (DDMW) is a software solution for transferring data over data diodes in a controlled manner. It consist of a sender node and a receiver node which communicate through a uni-directional Data Diode.

DDMW supports two kinds of transfer types; messages and streams. Messages are any type of data with a finite and predefined length, like files and command instructions. Streams are data which either do not have an end or which does not have a predetermined length, such as an audio or video stream.

DDMW features

  • Easy-to-use integration interface
  • Administrative role separation
  • Separate frontend/external and backend/internal systems
  • Full unidirectional system separation
  • Uncomplicated interface for SCADA application integrations
  • High-assurance separation of security domains
  • Separated role interfaces
  • Separated administrator role permissions
  • Hardware enforced unidirectionalness
  • Transaction logs for traceability
  • Transfers are interleaved
  • Adjustable sender packet count, size and pace to allow environment specific optimizations
  • Optional side-channel ACK’s/NACK’s
  • Configurable redundancy
  • Heartbeat packets can be used to make sure link is up (and alert if heartbeats are missed)
  • Management interfaces to the sender and receiver nodes allow integration with monitoring systems
  • Each transfer is hashed and verified on the receiver node
  • “Immediate mode” allows transfer of large messages to begin immediately rather than wait for the entire message to arrive at the sender node

DDMW Basic Functionality

  • Queue Mgmt
  • Logging
  • Mail
  • FTP
  • SNMP
  • Syslog
  • UDP pass trough
  • SDK, source code examples included for proxy developers

Application Examples

  • C&C (command & control)
  • Mail
  • FTP
  • SNMP
  • Syslog
  • Custom developed or your own proxies

For more information, please see Datasheet

Technical Data

DMW SW and HW requirements

  • DDMW Sender/receiver node OS
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • RedHat 6&7
    • CentOS

DDMW HW (recommended)

  • Midrange XEON
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD disk or better PCI-E SSD

For more information, please see Datasheet



Questionnaire (pdf-form)

Fibersystem Data Diode Questionnaire FORM

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