Protecting the grid against cyberattacks and foreign interference

On the 1 st of May 2020 the American Administration declared a national emergency over threats to
the U.S. power system, reports The Hill

The use of equipment for the power grid in the U.S. becomes more regulated and the banning of
equipment from adversaries or parts posing a national security threat takes place. The
administration enforces the protection of the power grid from cyberattacks.

As a nation’s power system is a fundamental resource for everyone’s everyday living in society, the
protection of it comes as a logical and rational answer to the increasing cyberattacks both in volume
and strength. Actions that where unusual yesterday is becoming daily routine now and in the
foreseeable future. The grid is managed by heavy use of automatic and digitized equipment adding
control of the current-flow and the distribution of electricity to people and places. There must not
be any leakage to or from the systems controlling the grid.

To protect the grid from threats there is need for as much isolation as possible without disabling the
utilities and usefulness. The protection needs to be both isolating and communicating.

Fibersystem offers products and solutions to the power industry for protection and communication.
The fiber with its unique capacities is the core component giving both isolation and communication.
A fiber can’t be bugged and it is insensitive to interference from radiation and magnetic fields.
Fibersystem offers products in a wide range from Data Diodes and Fiber Optical Switches to Ethernet

Fibersystem is ready to help nations defend their power systems.