Fibersystem AB introduces a new solution for ruggedized, removable hard disks, engineered to meet requirements of organizations with strict demands on information availability as well as physical data protection.

For organizations of any size, removable disk drives is a reliable, cost-effective solution and most of all, a secure way for managing data storage, backup or archiving. Based on a solid experience from computing environments with extreme demands for security, Fibersystem has developed a removable disk drive solution which combines exceptional operational reliability in a system with a long product life cycle.

Using the Fibersystem solution, removable disk units are protected by a milled aluminum casing, with ruggedized connectors. This design allows for intense daily use, where drive units are removed and inserted frequently, while ensuring low electromagnetic emissions.

The removable HDD system is well suited for a wide array of physical environments and applications, including classrooms, video surveillance, archiving, backup, disaster prevention and data protection in sensitive or classified operations.

”We want to define a new standard for removable disks in demanding environments,” says Thomas Axaeus, Sales Manager, Fibersystem AB. ”Our new solution is defined by a systems approach and a very robust design, where quality components are used throughout. Together with our philosophy to offer long product life cycles, this makes for a secure investment.”

Each removable disk enclosure houses a 2.5” SATA hard drive or SSD device, with support for SATA-1 and SATA-2 (6 Gbps). The solution is easily integrated in standalone PCs or servers, using a host frame module for a standard 5.25” drive bay.


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