Fibersystem AB introduces a fiber optic switch which is fully protocol and speed independent. This allows for a wide variety of applications, while offering a long product life expectancy.

The new Fibersystem Fiber Switch provides a transparent optical path, with no signal conversion or electrical loss. The device is thus fully independent of protocols and transmission speed. Switching can either be remote controlled or done by a physical switch.

The transparent mode of operation means that the Fiber Switch offers great flexibility to accommodate the widest range of applications. These include remote provisioning of
Fiber to the Home, re-routing, disaster recovery and test systems.

The Fibersystem Fiber Switch is available in two models – the 94-101 with one optical input port and two optical output ports, and the 94-104, with four optical output ports. The larger model is designed for 19” rack mounting. All connections are accessed on the front panel.


For further information, please contact Fibersystem AB:
Thomas Axaeus, Sales Manager, Tel. +46 708-33 71 91,

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Fibersystem AB is an innovative developer of fiber optic transmission equipment and IT security products. Fibersystem’s products are used in various industries and vertical markets globally, including infrastructure, utilities, health care, security and manufacturing.