Swedish innovation company Fibersystem, renowned for its unique information security solutions, has signed a major contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

Fibersystem has again been declared the winner of FMV’s procurement for emission-secured PCs, and has thus signed a new framework contract, effective up to and including 2018.

”The new defence contract gives a significant boost to our orders, and we see a strong trend of continued revenue growth,” says Elise Sjösten, CEO, Fiberdata.

Fibersystem is a privately held Swedish company active in two main business areas, Secured systems and Industrial communications. Secured systems deals with development and customization of emission-secured systems for government, organizations and companies who seek to protect their sensitive information. This includes advanced engineering to safeguard computers and other equipment from being compromised by radio frequency leaks.

Fiberdata’s government customers also include the Swedish Police Force, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as major corporations such as ABB, Bombardier, Vattenfall and Saab.

Saab’s Gripen fighter aircraft is one example of a system which calls for extreme security measures. This includes redundant systems for flight data management, supplied by Fibersystem.

Fibersystem’s second business area, Industrial communications, is dedicated to building tailored solutions using fiber optic communication links. These are unaffected by electromagnetic interference and thus typically used for mission-critical applications in public infrastructure, utilities and manufacturing.

“We develop systems and products that offer much stronger intrinsic security than tools such as firewalls and antivirus software. The systems we build should rather be compared to computing inside a bank vault. Many large corporations, banks and other organizations are still unaware of the full scope of information leakage risks, and how you can protect against them,” says Elise Sjösten.

For further information, please contact Fibersystem AB:
Thomas Axaeus, Sales Manager, Tel. +46 708-33 71 91, thomas.axaeus@fibersystem.com

 About Fibersystem AB
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Fibersystem AB is an innovative developer of fiber optic transmission equipment and IT security products. Fibersystem’s products are used in various industries and vertical markets globally, including infrastructure, utilities, health care, security and manufacturing.