Fibersystem releases the first TEMPEST certified Data Diode Rack Module
100 Mbit / 1 Gbit MM Secure on the market.

A Data Diode device, also known as a unidirectional network, is a network appliance that guarantees a safe one way data transfer by only allowing data to travel in one direction. Its galvanic separation prevents any leakage and gives the possibility to handle multiple levels of security zones.

The markets first TEMPEST certified Data Diode Rack Module 100 Mbit /1 Gbit MM Secure includes several security barriers in riveted and sealed enclosures. Its ,construction makes it tamper proof and prevents any crosstalk between electronic circuits. It is also certified for military use.

The product can be applied in several industry areas, such as defense and telecom, finance, nuclear & energy and real-time streaming,

– We have seen high demand for our security products and our new Data Diode Secure is an answer to our customers request in an environment where security is absolute top priority, says Anders Fallheden, CEO at Fibersystem.

The Data Diode Rack Module Secure can be found in two versions, Product no 60-00-7303 for the 1 Gbit MM Secure and 60-00-7304 for the 100 Mbit MM Secure.
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Anders Fallheden, CEO + 46 70 – 485 28 58

Extended information:
TEMPEST is a NATO-certification that includes both protection against compromising emanations, and methods to eavesdrop upon others to disclose confidential information.

Fibersystem is a high-tech cyber security innovation company that develops and markets IT security products and fiber optic transmission solutions. The products are used in defense, infrastructure, healthcare, safety and manufacturing industry. Headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden, where our products are sold via our partners worldwide recognized for their expertise and customer service.