Fibersystem AB has developed a fiber optic solution for KVM extension to meet the requirements for remote CPU deployment over long distances – up to 80 kilometers. It is the world’s first HDBaseT compliant implementation of HDMI transmission over fiber. It is ideally suited for industrial, digital signage and high security environments.

Fibersystem AB introduces the 45-600 HDMI HDBaseT KVMX Series, a solution for secure, remote CPU location with extended range using a fiber optic communications link for transmission of ultra-high resolution video, audio and USB peripheral data. It supports a range of up to 300 meters with multimode fiber, or 80 kilometers with single mode fiber.

The Fibersystem KVMX (Keyboard Video Mouse eXtender) 45-600 Series is based on HDBaseT technology for HDMI video transmission, supporting all standard audio formats up to 4K with auto resolution detection. The latest HDBaseT specification, now implemented by Fibersystem, supports the transmission of audio & video, Ethernet, USB and control data over fiber optic links to enable long distance remote deployment.

“HDBaseT was originally developed to allow the transmission of high-definition audio & video, controls, Ethernet and power over one single category cable, for 100 meters,” says. Micha Risling, Chair of the HDBaseT Alliance’s Marketing Committee. “Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard defined fiber as an additional transmission channel to cater to market demands for even longer distances, and to comply with strict security regulations in the government, medical and military fields. We are happy to see Fibersystem’s HDBaseT fiber solutions in the market today.”


Fibersystem’s 45-600 KVMX is ideally suited for environmentally challenging industrial applications, e.g. where the console needs to be close to the process or CPUs cannot be located near the operator due to heat, dust or space constraints.

Other target applications include research&development, control rooms in high security environments and Digital Signage, where the long transmission range enables centralized management of large-scale, geographically dispersed systems. It also meets the requirements from high-security government and business environments where emission secured (TEMPEST-compliant) hardware is mandated.


The Fibersystem KVMX 45-600 can be installed at a central location serving multiple remote sites using a 16-slot modular enclosure for standard 19” rack mounting. Options include redundant power supplies, SNMP systems management capability, and a configuration and management tool featuring a Web interface.

The KVMX can also be combined with Fibersystem’s Secure Workstation and Secure Terminal solutions, a configuration which offers strong protection against information leaks through monitors and USB ports, as well as physical intrusion.

Two types of modules are available. The standard module supports KVM data over HDMI 2.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces. The second, advanced module type also offers a TOSLINK interface to enable audio transmission and remote systems reset. At the workstation, the KVM module can be deployed integrated with a secure Fibersystem monitor, or as a separate unit with built-in power supply.

The KVMX 45-600 is available now from Fibersystem AB.


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