Working with tech partner Fibersystem, we’ve equipped Sweden’s Armed Forces with a fleet of VPL-FHZ55 3LCD laser projectors. Securely shielded against electronic eavesdropping, the projectors beam bright, finely detailed images – powered by a long-lasting laser light source that requires minimal maintenance.

Protecting sensitive information

The high security standards of the Swedish Armed Forces demand that sensitive information is kept safe from prying eyes. This extends to all electronic devices – even data projectors – where faint signals could potentially be compromised by an outside source.

“The Swedish Armed Forces work with top secret information on a daily basis: it’s vital that this information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands” says Thomas Axaeus, Sales Manager at Stockholm-based fibre optic transmission and IT security specialist Fibersystem.

To avoid eavesdropping, Fibersystem has developed the world’s first HDBaseT-over-fibre solution. Capable of linking the projector with an AV source by fibre optic link over distances up to 80km, this avoids the emission of electromagnetic waves that could theoretically be intercepted from a conventional LAN network cable.

“This is craft involving the highest level of security”, explains Thomas. “The projector unit has undergone testing to ensure that there’s no leakage of information”.

Custom laser projection solution


The long working life of laser light technology was instrumental in Fibersystem’s decision to use our VPL-FHZ55 3LCD laser projectors in their custom solution for the Swedish Armed Forces. A specially designed enclosure is built from robust steel with openings for cooling fans, ensuring no-one can interfere with the equipment or install spyware. As an extra refinement, the power supply is filtered to prevent electronic snooping via the mains supply.

The first projectors were delivered by Sony and Fibersystem in November 2015. The new equipment meets all of the Swedish Armed Forces’ requirements for security, durability and user friendliness.

The reliable, robust VPL-FHZ55 is capable of 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance free operation – a major benefit when the projector boxes are sealed for maximum security. Finely-detailed WUXGA images offer a resolution that’s even higher than Full HD. Teamed with our 3LCD BrightEra technology and an impressive brightness of 4,000 lumens, it assures accurate, high contrast pictures.

Safe, secure and reliable

“Throughout the Swedish Armed Forces there’s the necessity for top-quality equipment with a long, reliable operating life, given the sensitive and complex nature of their work”, notes Fibersystem’s Thomas Axaeus. “Naturally, they demand the best technical tools and the highest standards of security. Reliability and a long, maintenance-free operating life were also top priorities for this project”.

“Thanks to the expertise of Sony in imaging technology and our own expertise in IT security, we were able to supply a complete solution to the customer” confirms Thomas. “Sony has been a fantastic partner during the course of the project, and in every way has enabled us to complete this project on time and in the best possible way. The Swedish Armed Forces have said that they’re very satisfied with the new projector units”.