Rack Module 10BaseT-10BaseFL ST

Fibersystem Rack Module 10BaseT-10BaseFL ST converts 10Mbps copper link  (RJ45 connector) to 10Mbps fiber optic link (ST connector). It allows distances up to 2km. Fibersystems Rack system is designed to provide a flexible manageable system for Rack Modules.  With its modular architecture and add-as-you-grow design it serves as the optimal platform for small and large installations. (Accessory to Fibersystem Rack System)


  • Can be used in any 10Mbit Ethernet application using fiber or copper connectivity
  • The fiber optic link allows distances up to 2km.
  • Fiber optical link provides galvanic separation between networks
  • Fiber optical link provides protection against interference
  • Fiber optical link provides protection against electromagnetic eavesdropping
  • All data will be transparently forwarded

Technical Data

Galvanic/Electrical link
Data speed: 10Mbit

Fiber optic links

  • Data speed: 10 Mbps
  • Protocol: 10BaseT and 10BaseFL
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Fiber optical connector: ST
  • Fiber: Multi mode 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm
  • Optical system budget:
  • Typical distance: 0-2km (3dB system margin for 50/125μm, 6dB for 62.5/125μm)


  • Temperature range: Operating, +10 to +40C. Storage, -40 to +70C
  • Relative humidity: Operating, 5 to 95%. Storage, 5 to 95% non condensing


  • 5VDC (to be used in Fibersystem 50-502 Rack System)

Dimensions and Weight

  • Physical size Card: 115(H), 20(W), 195(D)mm/ 4.5(H), 0.8(W), 7.7(D)inch
  • Weight Card: 0.15kg/ 0.33lbs.