Microtower USB2.0 SATA DVD National

Fibersystem Microtower is a peripheral devices for the PC 21 and communicating via fiber optics. It is approved for use in compliance with the Swedish RÖS U1 regulations. (TEMPEST Level A/ EMSEC/ RÖS U1) Peripheral units as Blu-Ray/DVD/CD, Floppy, removable HDD, Memory card reader, Smart card reader, USB Flash Drive etc. can be placed in the Microtower.

The communication between PC and Microtower is a duplex fiber optic USB2.0-link. Up to 3 standard 5,25” peripherals can be mounted in the Microtower. Every 5,25” slot can be shared by smaller units.



  • National
  • No Compromising Emanations
  • Approved for Swedish RÖS U1 applications
  • Avaliable in variuos editions, please contact us for more information.

Technical Data


  • Size: 21.3 inch. (Viewing area: 432mm x 324mm)
  • Resolution: DVI, Max. 1600 x 1200, 60Hz 24 bit color

Keyboard, mouse

  • Keyboard: 105 keys. Developed by Fibersystem.
  • Mouse: Logitec, optical

Fiber Optic Links

  • Interfaces: 4xUSB2.0, Switchable 100BaseFX/1000BaseSX, RS232, DVI, TOSLINK
  • Optional interfaces: 10BaseFL, USB2.0, Centronics parallel
  • Optical Fiber: Multi mode 2 x 62.5/125. Connectors LC, SC and ST (TOSLINK/Sound – 1mm plastic optical fiber with HFBR-45xx connector)
  • Distance range: 850nm/1300nm Multi Mode: 275-2.000 m 


  • CPU: i5 4570TE 2,7GHz 64bit
  • Memory: 16Gbyte
  • Graphics: DVI Intel Haswell HD Graphics – GT2
  • Optical Drive: Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Disc (R/W)
  • USB-interface: SS1-certified 2x USB2.0
  • Power Supply: 230VAC ±10%, 50−60 Ηz

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions:
    • PC 21” Workstation w.o. stand H 386mm, W 470mm, D 125mm
    • Microtower: H 215mm, W 192mm, D 300mm
  • Weight
    • PC 21” Workstation: with stand appr. 20 kg
    • Microtower: 5 – 6kg depending on configuration.

Environment 0-50°C, 10-90% RHD

Harddisc cassette

  • Dimensions: H 17mm, W 81mm, D 140mm
  • Weight: 300 g (including 500GB HDD)

DVI 21” LED Monitor

  • Dimensions: w.o. stand H 386mm, W 470mm, D 125mm
  • Weight: with stand appr. 17kg


FS18154-Datasheet-PC 21-Workstation

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