Microtower Bas4 SS1 International

The Microtower is peripheral devices for PC 21 and communicating via fiber optics. It is approved for use in compliance with the Swedish RÖS U1 regulations. (TEMPEST Level A/ EMSEC/ RÖS U1) Peripheral units as Blu-Ray/DVD/CD, Floppy, removable HDD, Memory card reader, Smart card reader, USB Flash Drive etc. can be placed in the Microtower.

The communication between PC and Microtower is a duplex fiber optic USB2.0-link. Up to 3 standard 5,25” peripherals can be mounted in the Microtower. Every 5,25” slot can be shared by smaller units.



  • International
  • No Compromising Emanations
  • Approved for Swedish RÖS U1 applications
  • Avaliable in variuos editions, please Contact us for more information.

Technical Data


  • Size: 21.3 inch. (Viewing area: 432mm x 324mm)
  • Resolution: DVI, Max. 1600 x 1200, 60Hz 24 bit color

Keyboard, mouse

  • Keyboard: 105 keys. Developed by Fibersystem.
  • Mouse: Logitec, optical

Fiber Optic Links

  • Interfaces: 4xUSB2.0, Switchable 100BaseFX/1000BaseSX, RS232, DVI, TOSLINK
  • Optional interfaces: 10BaseFL, USB2.0, Centronics parallel
  • Optical Fiber: Multi mode 2 x 62.5/125. Connectors LC, SC and ST (TOSLINK/Sound – 1mm plastic optical fiber with HFBR-45xx connector)
  • Distance range: 850nm/1300nm Multi Mode: 275-2.000 m 


  • CPU: i5 4570TE 2,7GHz 64bit
  • Memory: 16Gbyte
  • Graphics: DVI Intel Haswell HD Graphics – GT2
  • Optical Drive: Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Disc (R/W)
  • USB-interface: SS1-certified 2x USB2.0
  • Power Supply: 230VAC ±10%, 50−60 Ηz

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions:
    • PC 21” Workstation w.o. stand H 386mm, W 470mm, D 125mm
    • Microtower: H 215mm, W 192mm, D 300mm
  • Weight
    • PC 21” Workstation: with stand appr. 20 kg
    • Microtower: 5 – 6kg depending on configuration.

Environment 0-50°C, 10-90% RHD

Harddisc cassette

  • Dimensions: H 17mm, W 81mm, D 140mm
  • Weight: 300 g (including 500GB HDD)

DVI 21” LED Monitor

  • Dimensions: w.o. stand H 386mm, W 470mm, D 125mm
  • Weight: with stand appr. 17kg


FS18154-Datasheet-PC 21-Workstation

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