Fiber Optical Converter SC SMF 40km

Fibersystem media converters for RS-232 are encapsulated in corrosive protected steel which gives them a very good protection against electrical and magnetic fields. The dimensions are small and with a unique design with either nut or screw fastening of electric connector.

The media converter can easily be mounted either on a connector or directly on a cable. This give the possibility to easily mount an adapter directly on the converter for change of male/female or number of pins 9/25 pin D-sub.


  • Fiber optic transmission, immune to EMI and RFI
  • Power Supply for 110 or 230 volts
  • Electric 25 pin female or male D-sub connector
  • With or without control signals
  • Fiber optic connector for plastic- or glass-fiber
  • Glass fiber connectors for SC
  • Mountable on connector or on Cable

Technical Data

Electric Connection

  • Male or female: 25 pin D-sub connector with either nut or screw fastening

Optic Connection

  • Glass fiber: ST or SC

Transmission distance

  • Glass fiber: Typical 0-2000m, max. 14dB attenuation in 62,5/125 fiber1
    • Multimode (MM), typical 0-2km, max. 14dB attenuation in 62,5/125 fiber
    • Singlemode (SM), typical 0,1-40km, max. 29dB attenuation in 10/125 fiber
  • 4 channel type: 0-38.4 kBaud for glass fiber

Output Rx-Tx

  • 0,32-1mW

Mechanical / Environment

  • Dimensions (H/W/L): 22mm, 57mm, 85mm
  • Weight: 0,15kg
  • Environment:
    • 0 to +50°C, (-40 to +70°C for 21-215)
    • 10 – 90% RHD non condensing (others on request)

Power supply

  • Voltage: 5V Return/DGND on pin 7, or 7-10V on the external power supply connector, (7-24V for 21-215/21-217).
  • Current max.:
    • 250mA