55” Video Teleconference System with Integrated Codec (TEMPEST Level A/ EMSEC/ RÖS U1)

The VTC 55” Video Teleconference System is certified for both Tempest Level A and Swedish RÖS U1 for protection against compromising emanations. It also has a Physical Camera Cover and Removable Microphone for the highest level of security.

The VTC 55” – comprising a powerful codec and a quad-camera bar is ideal for rooms that seat up to 14 people. It offers sophisticated camera technologies that bring speaker-tracking and auto-framing capabilities to medium to large-sized rooms.



  • Based on Cisco Video Teleconference Equipment
  • Cisco Webex support
  • TEMPEST Level A certified
  • RÖS U1 certified
  • End to End encryption (optional)
  • 55” 4K60Hz UltraHD display
  • 5K UltraHD camera 60 Fps
  • Auto framing (Audio + Face Detect)
  • 6-element microphone array for accurate Speaker Tracking
  • High-quality Speakers: Five Speakers in balanced configuration


Technical Data

Security Features

  • Security Features
  • Tempest Level A SDIP-27
  • Swedish RÖS U1
  • Physical Camera Cover
  • Removable Microphone
  • No Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Management using HTTPS and SSH
  • IP administration password
  • Menu administration password
  • On or off Display/Camera/Microphone
  • On or off Codec (under hatch)
  • Disable IP services
  • Network settings protection
  • End-to-End Security (optional)
    – H.323 and SIP Point-to-Point
    – Standards-based: H.235v3 and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
    – Automatic Key Generation and Exchange

For more technical information, please see Datasheet



Secure Video Tele Conference Solution

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