HDBaseT is a standard for transmission of all video sources including uncompressed 4K video, audio, networking, Ethernet, USB, RS232, infrared and power over Cat5e cable or better (up to 100 meters). Fibersystem is the first company in the world to offer HDBaseT over Fiber optics, a technology which enables connectivity across distances up to 80 kilometers (it is however not possible to transmit power over fiber optics). This is the future in professional A/V industry.

HDBaseT Extender – only one cable needed
The HDBaseT Fiber Optical Extender solution makes it possible to send numerous digital signals at the same time across one single cable. With a technology that connects both the transmitter and the receiver over one single fiber optic cable, the installation is rapidly completed. This will in turn lower the setup cost and facilitate the maintenance.

Fibersystem offers a carefully selected range of HDBaseT Extenders to fit every industry’s specific need. Discover our products here below or contact us today.

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