Data Diodes

With over 35 years of experience, Fibersystem offers Data Diodes for security aware industries all over the world. The Data Diode is a hardware-based, one-way Ethernet connection between two networks. The Data Diode technology enables unidirectional transfer of data over fiber cable while providing galvanic separation between networks. Since this completely removes the danger of data running in a false direction, the customer is guaranteed that their data is transferred completely safe regardless current network threats.

We strive to stay close to each customer, rapidly responding to developing needs. This, in combination with all products being developed here at Fibersystem, enables us to fine-tune each product to fit the costumer’s specific needs and demands. The product will be customized regardless if it’s a 1Gb data diode, a 100Mbit data diode or a card module that your industry is in need of. The data diodes are ideal for classified and military networks of all sorts, guaranteeing an absolute network isolation.

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