Receive answers to questions regarding HDBaseT

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT is a digital connectivity solution that replaces cables for transmission of ultra-high-definition video and audio, ethernet, controls, USB and up to 100W of power over one single cable.
The Fiber Optical Extender increases the maximal distance of the HDBaseT up to 80km.

What’s the purpose of HDBaseT?

To transmit numerous digital signals at once using only one cable, thus eliminating cable clutter without compromising performance and high quality.

When is HDBaseT used?

  1. Consumer
    Home entertainment, transmitting high-quality audio and video to a home cinema.
  1. Industrial
    Enabling industrial demands regarding daisy-chaining, length extending, KVM-switches and bi-directional tunneled USB connections.
  1. Military
    Significant for installations requiring video signal interference protection.

What are the benefits of HDBaseT compared to HDMI?

  • HDBaseT uses a standard RJ45 connector and doesn’t require specific types of legacy cables or proprietary connectors. This is, as known, not the case with HDMI.
  • HDBaseT has a far greater range than HDMI. For an example, the HDBaseT Fiber Optical Extender increases the maximal distance of the HDBaseT link from 100m up to 80km. The longest HDMI cable with a compliance test certificate is approximately 14m.
  • Since only one cable is needed for all transmissions, the optical extender cable eliminates clutter, simplifies the installation, and reduces the infrastructure costs.
  • With HDBaseT, additional units can be added at the same time. Purchasing expensive additional receive/send units for each set of ports is therefore eliminated, providing both a priceworthy and effective solution. HDMI on the other hand demands numerous accessories for it to be able to achieve similar results.