Fiber Optical Switches
– Pure optical path with remote switching

Fiber Optical Switches

  • Pure optical path
  • Photonic switch
  • Transparent to data speed
  • Protocol independent
  • IP networks
  • Industrial networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote controlled
  • Cost efficient
  • Future proof
  • Flexible switch configurations

Evolving media and communication over IP demand high bandwidth network solutions. The Fibersystem fiber optical switches is a long-term solution for these networks since it is protocol independent and transparent to data speed. It uses a technology with mirrors and re-directing the light between fiber channels.

The fiber switch can be controlled remotely or through a front panel switch, depending on switch model. The optical path through the switch is purely optical, there is no optical to electrical to optical conversion. There is no electrical loss or electrical bandwidth limit on the fiber optical path.

As a standard, we apply latching in our switches, which means that in case of power failure, the switch will remain in current position. On request, we can instead apply non-latching, which means that the switch will return to original position.

Fiber Optical Switch


The principle of switching with mirrors between fiber connections.

Remotely operated switching

The Fibersystem fiber switches can be configured with remotely operated switch functionality. It is a combined remote switch and management functionality, running a built-in processor with operating system and a mini web server. By invoking software calls to the web server, the switch can be operated as desired.

Examples of applications

  • Industrial communication/protocols – Switching between data sources
  • Optical protection
  • Test systems
  • Remote reconfigurable add-drop Multiplexers
  • Remote provisioning of FTTH and dark fiber
  • Disaster recovery
  • Re-routing
  • Restoration of communication


The Fibersystem fiber optical switches are products developed by Fibersystem and made in Sweden. We can customize the product depending on customer needs and guarantee a long-term product cycle.


Fibersystem are leading in fiber optic transmission and IT-security. Our products are used in various industries and vertical markets, and we stay close to our customers and respond quickly to evolving needs. Contact us if you want to know more about us and how we can help you to safer operations through tempest-certified equipment.

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Fiber Optic Switches

1×2 1-channel
Optical Switch MM LC

1×2 4-channel
Optical Switch MM ST

1×4 1-channel
Optical Switch MM LC

1×32 1-channel
Optical Switch MM LC

Product Categories

Fibersystem stay close to our customer and respond quickly to evolving needs. We advance our mission of providing leading-edge technology for fiberoptical solutions.

Secured Systems

Swedish army forces
Government offices

Industrial Communication

Power Substations
Railway communication
Paper- and steel-mills

Professional Audio Video

High End Audio Video


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