Receive answers to questions regarding Fiber Optic Switches 

What is a Fiber Optic Switch?

A Fiber Optic Switch is a hardware remote control device, in appearance similar to a computer router, that makes it possible to switch either the optical signals on and off or to change from one channel to another. The remote control is accessed via a built-in web service or panel switch, depending on the switch model. It is mostly used for fiber optic network.

What’s the purpose of a Fiber Optic Switch?

The Fiber Optic Switch in networks is used to receive and send data transmissions while optimizing the fiber optic signal.

When is a Fiber Optical Switch used?

  • In networks, the Fiber Optic Switch enables star topology routing by providing a large amount of ports for cable connections. This can be used to connect several PC:s to the same network.
  • Functioning as a bridge, the fiber optic switch forwards messages to a certain host in the same network by using the same filter on each port and decoding the frames.
  • The switch can be used to control traffic coming into or leaving the network, easily connecting both computers and access points.
  • The fiber switch can be used to expand the bandwidth of the LAN by dividing it into several collision domains with independent broadband. Since there is no limit in protocol or speed, nor any electrical loss or electrical bandwidth limit, the Fiber Optic Switch is a cost-effective and safe choice for military and classified network.