Fiber Optical Switch, 1-32 channels

Fibersystem broadens the range of Fiber Optical Switches, remotely operated. Range: 1×2 1-channel MM LC, 1×2 4-channels MM ST, 1×2 6-channels MM LC, 1×4 1-channel MM LC, 1×32 1-channel MM LC.

The Fibersystem Fiber Optical Switches can be configured with remotely operated switch functionality. It is a combined
remote switch and management functionality, running a built-in processor with operating system and a mini web
server. By invoking software calls to the web server, the switch can be operated as desired.

Examples of applications
• Optical protection
• Test systems
• Remote reconfigurable add-drop Multiplexers
• Remote provisioning of FTTH and dark fiber
• Disaster recovery
• Re-routing
• Restoration of communication

• Pure optical path
• Transparent to data speed
• Protocol independent
• Manual or remote control (Web GUI)
• Cost efficient
• Future pro