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What is a Data Diode?

A Data Diode device, also known as a unidirectional network, is a network appliance that guarantees a safe one way data transfer by only allowing data to travel in one direction.

What’s the purpose of a Data Diode?

The Data Diode technology guarantees information security and a trustworthy network isolation to classified and military network by transferring data between two networks with the highest protection possible, making it impossible for hostile networks to access the system or bring harm to it.

What’s the difference between a Data Diode and a firewall?

  • The Data Diode cannot be breached or misconfigured wherever the firewall can. If the Data Diode is breached, it immediately shuts down. This includes all channels for transmission. The firewall might not only be breached but will also continue to transmit data if so.
  • The Data Diode is a hardware product, making online attacks on it impossible. A firewall is a software product with therefor unavoidable security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.
  • The Data Diode is the only device that can guarantee one way data transfer. This is not the case with the firewall.
  • The Data Diode does not require any updates of any form. Again, this is not the case with the firewall, which requires constant updates and configurations to maintain a high level of security.

When is a Data Diode needed?

  • Protecting production Increasing threats from the internet has jeopardized numerous production facilities, causing production delays and increased costs. The Data Diode device makes it possible to share production data within the organization without the risk of intrusion in the network or data flowing in the wrong direction, thus optimizing production and lowering costs.
  • Protecting companies Companies of today possesses information that is not to be shared with others; inventions, secrets, patents, data that needs to be shared within the company but that are under no circumstances to be contributed to others. The data diode secures all information shared within the company, making it possible for the company to share important high-value development data without the risk of data leaks.
  • Protecting government and military information For defense and government organizations, the risk of classified data being hacked when transmitted is a constant security issue. Networks are not monitored around the clock and humans simply makes mistakes. The information held can, when in wrong hands, not only cause a threat to the government but to entire countries. The Data Diode device makes sure that data is transferred in only one direction all day, all year, without the need of human involvement. Data breaches are completely avoided and prevented while the classified information travels in real-time. It is therefore not only safe but also time-efficient.

What kind of traffic does Fibersystem Data Diode support without extra software?

  • UDP Unicast
  • UDP Broadcast
  • UDP Multicast
  • Syslog
  • NTP Broadcast
  • SNMP Traps