Data Diode or unidirectional security gateway

A Data Diodes function is to secure a variety of critical infrastructure and data protection problems.

The Data Diode transfer data between two networks with highest assurance. It is physically impossible to transfer data in one direction using a fiber optical connection only for one-way communication.

Historicaly its been used almost only by Defense and Defense connected companies but the today its used for almost all security aware industries because of the constantly increasing global cyber treaths.

The Fibersystems Data Diode advantages

  • One-way connection between two networks (also known as Simplex)
  • No physical risk of sending data in false direction
  • Fiberoptical links for galvanic seperation between networks
  • Can be used in any ethernet application using fiber or copper connectivity
  • UDP and SNTP support
  • Sending logs to a log network
  • Send video streams from sensitive video equipment / cameras
  • Transferring application and operating system updates
  • Remote monitoring of equipment or data
  • Time synchronisation in secure networks
  • Sending/receiving alerts or alarms

  • Module
  • Integrated
  • Rugged and RÖS/TEMPEST
  • Fiber Optical or Copper interface
  • 100 Mbit/s or 1000 Mbit/s


Accessories for Module

  • Fibersystem 19 inch Rack Solution
  • Fibersystem One Slot Casing

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