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HDBaseT over fiber

HDBaseT is the merging of uncompressed UltraHD and 4K video, HD audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, various control signals for home automation, and power (100 watts) for specific devices delivered through a standard CAT5e/6 cable. HDBaseT supports all video sources, including legacy products, and does not add latency.

Fibersystem HDBaseT over fiber solution adds the characteristics and benefits of fiber optics; no power distribution but up to 80 km of link distance and disturbance free connectivity.

Looking at the difficulty in connecting business networks, wiring home entertainment systems (sound and video system), or broadcasting multimedia contents on commercial signage, it is imperative how installation cabling can be simplified, despite space or distance limitations. The HDBaseT-enabled solution has just the answer to that. This is to help shape the future of digital connectivity in the professional A/V industry.

Features and Benefits of HDBaseT

The HDBaseT-enabled solutions optimize professional A/V installations by implementing the capability to transmit multiple digital signals at once via one single cable, without consuming much bandwidth overhead for video content transmission. HDBaseT is a simplicity progressive technology that has become an industry standard by providing revolutionary and unprecedented solutions to ensure product interoperability across vendor platforms, as far as system integration and efficiency is concerned.

Simplified Cabling

A good number of professional A/V installations, delivering audio and video signals over a long distance usually require heavy cabling connecting various input and output across numerous devices. When the occasion calls for it, these installations often end up with disorganized wiring setup, making it expensive and difficult to re-wire or upgrade hardware.

The HDBaseT extension technology makes installation easier by connecting the transmitter and receiver over a fiber optic cable, which not only reduces the cost and assortment of cables needed for setup, but also optimizes the deployment in a simple and easy-to-manage environment.

Ultra HD and High Quality Audio

The demand for Full and Ultra HD content is getting more significant and crucial at the present time. The HDBaseT technology comes with the ability to transmit uncompressed video output of Full HD/3D and up to 4K effective image resolution, as well as audio output of Dolby true HD and DTS HD Master Audio standard. With video content passed through HDMI chipset, all key HDMI 2.0 features including EPG, CEC, EDID and HDCP are supported. Long Distance Transmission Cable length has always been quite a challenge in hardware installations, especially in cases where large-scale A/V operation is required to deliver multimedia contents across numerous screen displays located far from the sources. The HDBaseT technology enables seamless integration of professional A/V equipments by using a fiberoptic cable over up to 80 km.

Flexible Control

HDBaseT also enables and certifies the transmission of wide-ranging control signals for various operation purposes, including CEC (Consumer Electronic Control), RS-232, USB, infrared (IR), as well as IP control due to its support of an Ethernet channel. As a result of this flexibility, system integration is made much easier by facilitating remote control over a point-to-point connectivity or point-to-multi-point deployment of network managed devices, without the need for redundant installation.

Anti-jamming Design

Considering diversity of video distribution over a long distance usually suffers delays, lags or missing frames when contents are streamed, stable and smooth signal transmission is just as essential as video clarity. The HDBaseT features anti-jamming mechanism that resists signal interference during high-quality video transmission, ensuring continuous video streaming and jitter-free viewing experience.

Fibersystem equips Sweden's Armed Forces in partnership with SonySupplier to the Swedish Armed Forces

We are proud to have been selected to equip Sweden’s Armed Forces with secure products. In partnership with Sony, Sweden’s Armed Forces now have multiple laser projectors with the highest degree of security.

The new equipment meets all of the Swedish Armed Forces’ requirements for security, durability and user friendliness.

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