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Control rooms
Control rooms are normally tightly secured and accessible only to authorized personnel. Typically multiple displays, wall displays and control panels are used. KVM (Keyboard Video and Mouse) links enable servers to be placed in a separate room. Fiber Optic communication is used to ensure bandwidth, reach and integrity of the signalling. In the Fibersystem solution HDBaseT protocol provide uncompressed 4K video and control protocols with extremely low latency – ideal for many sensitive applications.

Long distance extension of video and control protocols
Sometimes the distance for connecting the source and display or workstation are too far from each other to enable copper communication. Then the solution can be to use Fiber Optic communication to reach many kilometres instead of just 100 meters with copper cables. In addition, Fiber Optical communication is not affected by electromagnetic interference from other cables or environmental factors.

Fiber Optical Switches
Fiber Optical Switches are protocol independent and transparent to data speed. The optical path through the switch is purely optical. There is no optical to electrical conversion, and back to optical.

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